Speaking Engagements

David Ibarra has spent decades as a passionate keynote speaker, engaging audiences of professionals to create the tools necessary to discover untapped opportunity and turn it into vast success. Taking what he’s learned and through the creation of his patented performance management system, David has implemented the Cycle of Success in his own life to creatively combine his business, community, and civic interests.

David’s greatest pleasure is inspiring people to believe success is meant for them.

David’s topics include:

Leadership development

Brain Model

Time management

Science of Success principles

Building a Specialized Talent Team

Developing your purpose

Automotive dealership performance

Pivot to Positive state of mind

“I’ve had the good fortune to attend several of David Ibarra’s keynote presentations, including a national group of accomplished automobile dealers in New York City, the Automotive Auction owners in Detroit and the National China Automobile Dealers Association Convention in Chengdu China. His enthusiasm is infectious, his ability to educate is impressive, and his dedication to success is inspirational.”

–Charlie Vogelheim, Host of Motor Trend Audio, Past Executive Editor at Kelley Blue Book and Vice President at J.D. Power and Associates

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"Stop Drifting is an engaging self-help guide that suggests steps for developing positive personal and business mindsets."

— Foreword Clarion Reviews

"This isn't a book. It is a full contact coaching session with one of the most compelling personal improvement gurus of our time."

— Joseph Grenny, Co-Author of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, and Change Anything. Co-Founder of VitalSmarts

"Whatever book you are reading now, hurry up and finish it. Stop Drifting is absolutely the next book you should read—it's really that good! For over 30 years, I have witnessed David Ibarra's passion and success as a leadership coach."

— Craig A. Bickmore, Executive Director New Car Dealers of Utah

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